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Police Services Lieutenant

San Jose/Evergreen Community College District


Contact Information


San Jose/Evergreen Community College District
40 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113


  • 408-274-6700

Position Information

Application Deadline:

  • 08/14/22


  • $119,650 - $145,435 Annual Salary (Range M20: Management 2022-2023 Salary Schedule).

    Starting salary placement is generally at Step 1.


    Excellent fringe benefit package includes:

    • District paid medical, dental, vision
    • EAP (employee assistance plan)
    • Life insurance for employee and eligible dependents
    • Income protection
    • Voluntary plans include:
      • Supplemental life insurance
      • Flexible Spending Accounts
      • 403b and 457 Deferred Compensation Accounts
    • Supervisor positions also include:
      • 22 vacation days
      • 19 holidays
      • 12 sick leave days
      • 6 administrative leave days per year

Position Details

Close/First Review Date:


Campus Location:



The Police Services Lieutenant reports to the Chief of Police, to be assigned District-wide. This is a full time, 12 months per year, management position.


As a sworn Peace Officer under the direction of the Chief of Police, performs supervisory duties, general law enforcement and patrol duties in uniform, without limitations, to meet Department staffing needs.


The Police Services Lieutenant will be guided in his or her duties by those directives promulgated by the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District. These include: Oath of Office, Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Core Values, Quality Statements, and Business Plans, as well as Department Policy and Procedures.


  1. Under the general supervision of the Chief of Police, the Lieutenant is responsible for the supervision of all assigned personnel and is responsible for the protection of life and property and enforcement of all pertinent laws within the jurisdiction of the San Jose/Evergreen College District Police Department.
  2. Act as an overall assistant to the Chief of Police and may act as temporary head of the Police Department in the Chief's absence.
  3. Work closely with members of the campus administration, the faculty, the students, or representatives of local public safety agencies in the implementation of policies, procedures or agreements pertaining to program operations.
  4. May provide interpretations of campus public safety policies and regulations to members of the campus community, representatives of local agencies or members of the general public.
  5. Direct law enforcement functions according to Departmental Policy and Procedures.
  6. Manage the performance of Uniformed Patrol Officers, the Department Bicycle Program, Parking Enforcement Unit/Community Services Officers (CSOs), Dispatch staff, and non-sworn Civilian office support staff.
  7. Coordinate the Department's involvement in special events held on the campuses.
  8. Supervise other personnel assigned to the San Jose/Evergreen College District Police Department by evaluating their work and providing on-the-job training as appropriate.
  9. Coordinate the Department's Field Training Program, Firearms and Range Qualification, Dispatch Communications Training Program, Parking Enforcement Training/CSO.
  10. Assume administrative investigations responsibilities and other relevant disciplinary issues as assigned by the Chief of Police.
  11. Coordinate the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (CLETS) and Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC) information systems and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, and oversee Departmental compliance with property and evidence statutes set forth in the CA Evidence Code.
  12. Under the direction of the Chief of Police to provide overall guidance and coordination of Department personnel in matters pertaining to criminal investigations and prepares special reports.
  13. Act as Incident Commander during critical emergency situations on District property.
  14. Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  1. Law enforcement and campus security principles, practices and techniques including patrol procedures, investigations, and the collection and preservation of evidence.
  2. Laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the functions of the District Police Department including laws of search and seizure, arrest, legal rights of citizens, and court procedures.
  3. Planning and organization principles.
  4. Record-keeping, evidence and report-writing methods.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Meet standards specified by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.).
  2. Train, supervise, discipline and evaluate personnel.
  3. Determine appropriate actions in emergency situations.
  4. Enforce laws, rules and regulations and conduct investigations.
  5. Administer first aid and CPR.
  6. Analyze situations accurately and take appropriate action.
  7. Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with others.
  8. Plan, organize, coordinate and supervise assigned work.
  9. Work effectively with others to achieve common goals.
  10. Use standard word processing software as well as CLETS and CJIC information systems.
  11. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  12. Collect, compile and analyze information.
  13. Understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, disability, religious background and sexual orientation of community college students, faculty and staff.
  14. Meet standards of physical stature, endurance and agility established by the District.
  15. Operate a computer and assigned office equipment.
  16. Administer first aid in emergency situations.
  17. Human relation skills to resolve confrontation, affect behavior of others, facilitate small group processes, supervise the work of others and review performance, and convey a positive image of the organization.
  18. Operate and maintain emergency police equipment such as a firearms, Taser, OC spray, shotgun, patrol rifle, baton, handcuffs, etc.


Education and Experience:

  1. Associate's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which similar knowledge, skills and ability may be acquired.
  2. Five years of increasingly responsible experience as a police officer with a P.O.S.T.-certified California law enforcement agency.

License and Requirements:

  1. Possess a California P.O.S.T. Supervisory certificate and then successfully complete the P.O.S.T. management course within the mandated time limit set forth by P.O.S.T.
  2. Possess a valid California Driver's License.
  3. CPR certification.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Bilingual abilities desirable. 

District's Diversity Requirements:

  • Demonstrated sensitivity, knowledge and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural, disability, and ethnic background of groups historically underrepresented, and groups who may have experienced discrimination. 
  • Success integrating diversity as appropriate into the major duties outlined in the job description and in the duties listed in the District's hiring policy; or demonstrated equivalent transferable skills to do so.

To be considered for this position please visit our web site and apply on line at the following link:

About San Jose/Evergreen Community College District:

The District is represented by dedicated and talented employees who are passionate about providing our student population with the best educational experience possible. The District recognizes that cultural diversity in the academic environment promotes academic excellence; fosters cultural, racial and human understanding; provides positive roles models for all students, and creates an inclusive and supportive educational and work environment for its employees, students, and the community it serves.

As of fall 2017, with enrollment of approximately 18,500 per semester, and an extremely diverse student population (Hispanic/Latino 44%, Black/African-American 4%, Asian/Pacific Islander 32%, American Indian/Native American 0.5%, White/Caucasian 11%) attaining educational goals reflecting 45% – AA Degree and Transfer to a 4-Year College/ University, the District's emphasis on student success makes it a recognized educational leader in the State.

The District encourages a diverse pool of applicants to serve as colleagues to an existing diverse group of managers, supervisors and confidential staff consisting of 29 % Hispanic/Latino, 13% Asian/Pacific Islander, 7% Black/African American, 23% White/Caucasian, and as well as encouraging applications from all qualified, outstanding applicants.

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