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Use the Internet...

Reach a targeted, as well as a vast and diverse pool of qualified executive and management candidates. Our members and the thousands of monthly visitors who are seeking public safety executive and management career opportunities have full access to Featured Department listings.

Customized Ads...

Recruitment ads include department specific ad copy and graphic design, as well as links to a department's website, downloadable job applications, e-mail contacts, or other necessary links.

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Homepage Ads...

Departments receive maximum exposure to their job postings with a colorful homepage display ad.


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Our Clients...

Our list of clients contains law enforcement, fire service, and other public safety agencies from all over the United States. For a complete list click here.

The Bottom Line...

The Brass Key is here to help departments maximize the return on every dollar spent to reach potential executive and management candidates. You can take advantage of all the services that The Brass Key has to offer in order to reach a tightly targeted audience, as well as a broadly diverse audience.

We can begin to Reach The Best & Brightest™ executive and management public safety candidates for your recruitment within minutes of your ad submission, your first e-mail or phone call!

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Featured Departments

Police Jobs

  • Waterman - IL
  • Chicago - IL
  • Country Club Hills - IL
  • Lake Geneva - WI

Fire Jobs

  • Redwood City - CA
  • Pleasanton - CA

Civilian Jobs

  • Chicago - IL


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